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At Catholic Charities of Chenango, we are driven to provide the best services possible to our clients through all our programs. We understand that the fundamental way services reach the individuals and families in our community are through talented and caring program employees. Therefore, we strive to hire knowledgeable, skilled and highly trained staff members and place a high emphasis on staff development.

Our Board of Directors provides the agency with oversight and guidance, and helps assure that our programs stay true to our mission and goals. The members work hard to ensure long-term sustainability of the organization. Individuals serving on our Board are community members from all types of backgrounds and professions.

We are proud to have the following community members currently serving on our Board:

Catholic Charities of Chenango County
2019-2020 Board of Directors

Steve Natoli, President
Brad Hall, Vice President
Joyce Steward, Secretary
Jackie Brunschmid,Treasurer
Sharon Wilson, Member at Large

Jared Bartle
Jackie Brunschmid
Marge Brunton
Jill Eddy
Susan Franco
Brad Hall
Dave Kirsch
Kathy Knudsen
Bonnie Norton
Tyler Oliver
Gray Stevens, Past President
Mike Paino, Past President
Kathy Revoir
Susan Rogers, Past President
Hillary Wilcox
Gloria Jenny