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Residence Counselor

A Residence Counselor is responsible for working with program participants in maximizing the resident's independence and facilitating a return to family, school and community. The residence counselor reports to the Program Manager.


Participate with the supervisor in the intake/admission process of new residents.
Assess and orient new residents as primary counselor.
Develop, with the resident and family, an individual service plan based on the resident's stated needs, goals and objectives.
Teach, assist and supervise residents in areas such as assertiveness training, daily living skills, health services, socialization, symptom management and other areas of need.
Maintain resident records in areas such as intake and baseline assessment, medical services, medications, progress notes, financial information and general service notes.
Participate in ongoing assessment of residents progress and modify individual service plans to meet the changing needs of the program participants.
Develop and implement with the resident and treatment team an effective discharge plan.
Assure a safe, healthy living environment for all program participants and provide immediate assistance and intervention in any crisis situation.
Attend meetings such as med reviews, medical appointments,vocational meetings and similar events at the request of the resident and the resident’s family.
Attend regular staff meetings, in-services and training.
Fulfill other duties as assigned by the Program Manager and deemed necessary to provide quality service and efficient procedure.
Represent Catholic Charities with empathy and compassion and ensure confidentiality when dealing with other employees, clients and the public
Required to maintain accurate statistical records and files on program participants and activities, including but not limited to: individual client records, progress on goal, progress notes, billing notes, billing records, medication records, daily log, communication log, expense sheets, purchase orders, petty cash, client funds, mileage records, and menus.


An Associate's Degree and experience or a High School diploma (or equivalent) and at least two years human service experience required. Residence Counselor's must possess a valid NYS Driver's license. Good verbal and written skills are a must.