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Welcome to Catholic Charities of Chenango County, a private non-profit agency serving the residents of Chenango County since 1970. As one of six regional centers within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse we respond to people and their needs by empowering them to transform their lives. Through our service, clients increase their capacity to be self-sufficient, peaceful and socially competent citizens who feel good about themselves and the communities in which they live and work.
Our direct services are provided by our four primary programs: Counseling, Community Outreach, Mental Health and Developmental Disability Services. We are committed to develop new programs, establish partnerships and collaborate with our local communities to provide social services for those in need. We look forward to hearing from you.

Warmest regards,
Robin Beckwith
Executive Director






A family walked into our Catholic Charities main office, new to the area, without housing or family supports. Our care coordinators were quickly able to work with the family, assess their needs, and help them achieve stability and long term supports in our community. Our adult care coordinators worked with the parents to find appropriate housing, connect them with local medical providers, and community support programs, and help them achieve their own personal goals. Our children care coordinators were able to work with the children to help enroll them into school, connect them to their own medical providers, and assist them in their own personal goals including employment and recreational activities. The family is now thriving in their new community with the continued support of the adult and children care coordination program.

This does sound like something that interests you? Join our Adult and Children Health Home Care Coordination program. Our adult and children care coordinators help clients to identify needed medical and behavioral health needs, social services, educational, financial, and emergency services. Coordinators work one on one with clients in their home or community to help identify needs and achieve their goals. Our coordinators work out in the community with providers to help support and advocate for the clients. In partnership with their providers, care coordinators establish services to meet their expressed needs, improve their health and overall well-being, and achieve maximum level of independence to support long term success.
Minimum Qualifications for Care Coordinator:
- Associate’s Degree in Science/Arts and at least two years of experience in human services.
Interested in applying? Follow the link to our Career Page for more information.



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September is Hunger Action Month!

September is Hunger Action Month, a national call to action to mobilize people to help end hunger in America. Nearly 29 Million Americans, or 1 in 6, struggle with hunger and often do so in silence. There is a national website to raise awareness sponsored by Feeding America www.hungeractionmonth.org .

Recently, the Food Bank of Central New York conducted a regional research study with support from Mathematica Policy Research. This study focused on an eleven county region in Central and Northern New York. Significant findings of this study:

• Since 2006, the number of people turning to emergency food programs increased 82%.
• 73% of households who access emergency food programs are food insecure, meaning they do not always know where their next meal will come from. 32% are very food insecure, causing a reduction in food intake by family members.
• 37 % of emergency food program recipients are under the age of eighteen. 13% are under five years old.
• 69% of households served have annual incomes at or below the federal poverty level.

In August 2012, Roots & Wings Emergency Food Pantry served the highest number of households in a one month period for its entire 14 year history, according to Kathy Darrah, Roots & Wings Food Pantry Coordinator.
August 2012 numbers served:

• 512 families
• 1683 family members
• 25,245 meals served

“Increased demand combined with dwindling state and federal funding streams are causing financial stress for emergency food pantries across our region” states Melinda Mandeville, Roots & Wings Program Director.

Locally, Commerce Chenango is coordinating a county-wide food drive, in honor of Patriots Day. Food collection sites are located around the county. Commerce Chenango is partnering with Roots & Wings to distribute food donated during September to Food Pantries across the County. For more information about how you can get involved:

Commerce Chenango: 334-1400
Roots & Wings: 336-7897